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AsAmNews — April 21, 2013
True Life Drama of an Asian American-White Gay Couple Who Adopts Baby: "You can add another award to the impressive resume of The Commitment, a movie based on a true life story of an Asian American and white biracial gay couple who adopt a baby...The film picked up the 2013 National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Media Award..." [MORE] — April 2013
Making The Commitment: Behind the Short Film about an Interracial Gay Couple Adopting a Child: "As the Supreme Court debates the future of marriage equality in Washington, one local filmmaker tells his story of adopting a child as a gay man in The Commitment." [MORE]
Big Gay Picture Show — Mar 9, 2013
LGBT Themed Film The Commitment Up For Social Workers Media Award: "At most awards ceremonies, LGBT films get completely overlooked. However the US National Association of Social Workers Media Awards has taken the unusual step of nominating a small gay-themed short film alongside two more mainstream efforts." [MORE] — Mar 8, 2013
Want to Help Gay Asian Film Become First To Win Social Work Award?: "The Commitment has already received several awards and could make history as the first LGBT-themed film to win the National Association of Social Workers Media Award for Best Feature Film – with a little help from fans." [MORE]
SAMPAN — Mar 1, 2013
Local Asian-American Directorís Gay Adoption Film Nominated for National Media Award: "THE COMMITMENT, a film by Chinese-American director and actor Albert M. Chan, has been nominated for a 2013 National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Media Award in the category of Best Feature Film. The two other films competing in the same category are Oscar-nominated MOONRISE KINGDOM (starring Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, and Tilda Swinton) and WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING (starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Dennis Quaid)." [MORE]
Social Workers Speak! — Feb 4, 2013
Film "The Commitment" Inspired by Meeting with Adoption Social Worker: "Actor and director Albert M. Chan said the positive interaction he and his husband had with an adoption social worker inspired him to make the 20-minute film "The Commitment," which is now playing in film festivals around the nation." [MORE]
Bay Windows — Oct 10, 2012
The Commitment at Bostonís Asian American Film Festival: "Chan was inspired to make this film after he and his husband of seven years decided to expand their family through adoption. 'At the time, we were warned by adoption professionals to be prepared for the roller coaster ride of our lives,' Chan recalls amusedly. 'Well, over a year later after numerous ups and downs, I finally understood what they were talking about.'" [MORE]
Rogue Cinema — Sep 2, 2012
Film Reviews: The Commitment (2012): "While any description of this movie will sound trite and simple, thereís nothing simple about this film. Filled with a depth of emotion, The Commitment is really a tale of love and what youíll go through for it." [MORE]
The Independent Critic — Jul 6, 2012
"The Commitment" Review: "A 20-minute film with a feature-length film worth of emotional resonance, joy and heartbreak, The Commitment is as much about the commitment between Robert and Ethan as it is about their commitment to becoming parents. This commitment is brought beautifully to life by both Chan and Fenton, whose relaxed and authentic chemistry affords this film a refreshing intimacy and universality." [MORE]



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